Local 21 Represented Employees Can Look Forward to a 3% Raise on July 1
The 3% raise stems from the Extension Agreement that Local 21 members ratified in January.
Personal Relationships and Your Workplace- What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You
Caring for your best friend while they recover from surgery? You may be leaving paid sick time on the table. Secretly dating your cubicle-mate? Does a family member work in...
Local 21 News

HSS to Roll Out New, More Affordable, Health Plan


By working with Blue Shield, HSS is offering Blue Shield Trio. The new plan is being implemented to create competition in the market place to force Sutter’s prices down.

Supervisors Pass Fair Pay Ordinance Prohibiting Employers from Considering Past or Current Salary


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed an ordinance (#170350) that prohibits San Francisco employers from considering the current or past salary of any job applicant when making a hiring decision or salary offer.

Members Fight Back Against Trumpcare — with their Phones!


Ben Cooper, a Local 21 member in the Department of the Environment said, “I was able to talk to people about a crucial issue in a part of the country I would never have been able to access otherwise. I connected 9 people with their Senators to have their voices heard, and that’s a real impact.”