Local 21 Partners with March for Science
Come to the March for Science rally on April 22 and join up with your fellow union scientists and lovers of facts
How Does Local 21 Work?
Union governance may seem like a very complex issue. Who makes the decisions? How does Local 21 work? What do Councils do? What about Chapters? What happens at the Delegate...
Save the Date for the May Delegate Assembly!
To attend the Delegate Assembly, please RSVP by clicking on "Learn More" below.
Local 21 News

Personal Relationships and Your Workplace- What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You


Caring for your best friend while they recover from surgery? You may be leaving paid sick time on the table. You have until May 19 to change that!

Local 21 PAC Committee Elects Teri Dowling as New Chair


The PAC is appointed by the San Francisco Council and is responsible for making recommendations for endorsements on candidates and ballot measures.

Contracting Out- Are There Limits in Sight?


There is a bill currently in the Assembly Appropriations Committee that would change the way cities and counties are able to contract out government work.