Oakland City Council Opening Extra Seating For Meetings On Judge’s Orders
The City of Oakland ordered the balconies in the City Hall chamber reopened for the public to access, just in time to allow maximum public participation in the final budget...
Member-Driven Parks Program Sparks Bay Area Public Space Renovation
San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks Program was initiated in 2010 with a number of experimental projects that demonstrated new ways of creating public space in our...
Leaders Brainstorm Ways to Reach the Next Generation
With many of Local 21 Members and Leaders nearing retirement, it's critical to recruit the next generation of activists.
Forced Out- A San Francisco for Everyone?
Local 21 members working for the City of San Francisco made the difficult choice during the Great Recession to help the City they work for and love. They agreed to wage cuts...
Local 21 members in San Jose Working to take back “The Lost Decade”
After a decade of pay reductions, layoffs, and hostility from the City Council majority, IFPTE Local 21 members in San Jose are taking back their City.
New Local 21 Video: “You Have the Means”
Three independent consultant studies have all reached the same conclusion: there is no further need for salary or benefit reductions and the City of Hayward has the means to...
Local 21 News

2016: Retirement Benefits Under Attack Again


Earlier this month former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed unveiled his proposed 2016 state ballot measure to gut retirement security for public employees.  Still stinging from the court rebuke of his ill-conceived retirement measure in San Jose, he is now pursuing a constitutional amendment to attack public workers.
Under his extreme proposal:

Unions Fight Anti-Worker Trans-Pacific Partnership


Labor flexed its muscle last Friday to prevent another global free trade agreement to enable easier outsourcing of labor overseas from being railroaded through Congress.
On January 12, tough labor opposition helped thwart plans to sweep through legislation giving the U.S. the go-ahead to sign on to a global trade agreement with 11 other Pacific Rim nations, which would ease labor restrictions and pave the way for big business to hire lower-wage workers overseas in lieu of union labor here at home.

NEW: Health and Wellness Resource Guide


Welcome to the IFPTE Local 21 Wellness Resource Guide! Here we have collected resources from SFMTA, the City and County of San Francisco's Health Service System, the Department of Public Health and others on health and wellness programs for public employees. We also mention how we as a union are assisting members in addressing wellness at the workplace.