Local 21 Partners with March for Science
Come to the March for Science rally on April 22 and join up with your fellow union scientists and lovers of facts
How Does Local 21 Work?
Union governance may seem like a very complex issue. Who makes the decisions? How does Local 21 work? What do Councils do? What about Chapters? What happens at the Delegate...
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Local 21 News

Local 21 Supports Trans Health Benefits


“It shall be the policy of the San Francisco Health Service System and the Health Service Board to fully recognize medically necessary treatment for gender dysphoria as part of the full scope of benefits offered to members.”

The updated policy also recommended the expansion of current gender dysphoria benefit offerings to include services like reconstructive surgery and facial feminization or masculinization deemed medically necessary.

Local 21 SF Unified School District Members Rally to Kick Off Bargaining


Members of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) kicked off the 2017 contract negotiations with gusto on April 13 by rallying outside the Board of Education. The theme for bargaining is “Same Work, Same Pay,” a message meant to convey the importance of addressing wage equity for these workers. SFUSD members make an average 10% less than their counterparts in City classifications.

Member Profiles: Brian Reyes- Why I’m Marching


Brian Reyes is a climate and sustainability analyst working for the San Francisco Department of the Environment, a job he finds deeply meaningful. The work his department does is science-driven and depends on good data. He is concerned about the administration’s stance on the environment and on science. “Science is telling us that climate change is a problem,” he says.