Affordable Healthcare is a Right
The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors are undercutting the core principles of the Affordable Care Act and the Democratic Party.
Forced Out- A San Francisco for Everyone?
Local 21 members working for the City of San Francisco made the difficult choice during the Great Recession to help the City they work for and love. They agreed to wage cuts...
Volunteer for Victory
Help elect Leaders to the San Jose City Council who will care about all residents, and who won't play politics with workers and services in the crosshairs. This is our...
Golden Gate Bridge District Members Settle Contracts
After 11 months of fierce bargaining and several demonstrations, our Members at the Golden Gate Bridge District have new contract agreements.
Local 21 members in San Jose Working to take back “The Lost Decade”
After a decade of pay reductions, layoffs, and hostility from the City Council majority, IFPTE Local 21 members in San Jose are taking back their City.
Leaders Brainstorm Ways to Reach the Next Generation
With many of Local 21 Members and Leaders nearing retirement, it's critical to recruit the next generation of activists.
SFUSD Ratifies New Contract
By a super majority of votes, our new contract agreement has been ratified.
Not all 2014 Contracts Settled: Hayward is One Example of An Extended Fight for Equity
The most contentious of these lingering battles is in the City of Hayward where the City Council hopes to win more than 5% in new concessions without a factual basis to...
Local 21 News

Delegate Assembly Registration


We have another very exciting lineup planned for the upcoming Delegate Assembly! Some extraordinary speakers have confirmed and we are still finalizing additional guests.

Local 21 Steps Up to Support Low Wage Workers on April 15


Scores of union and non-union workers in the San Francisco Bay Area joined tens of thousands across the nation as they mobilized on April 15 to demand a $15 minimum wage in the "largest protest by low-wage workers in US history” according to the Guardian.  Local 21 was there as members showed up in force in Berkeley, Oakland and across the Bay to show solidarity for low-wage workers in #Fightfor15.

Members in Action: Mark Henderson


Local 21 is a proud partner with Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson in declaring 2015 the Year of the African American Male. The following is a profile of one of our members who makes a difference in the lives of young African American men.