Local 21 Shows Up in Full Force at Women’s Marches
A full delegation of Local 21 members marched in Oakland, and there was a Local 21 contingent in San Jose. Local 21 had a strong showing at the Oakland Women’s March, with a...
Sewage Rains Down on Local 21 Members at the San Francisco Hall of Justice
Sewage oozed through ceilings and dripped down walls at the San Francisco Hall of Justice, forcing employees to vacate the building while trying to save files and other...
Local 21 News

Member Leaders Successfully Push for a Fairer Telematics Policy


City unions, including Local 21, shared Supervisor Yee’s goals for pedestrian safety, but were apprehensive that the legislation could be used to unfairly discipline employees.

New Retirement Board Member Ready to Be the Voice of City Workers on the Board


“A big thank you to all who worked so diligently on the campaign. I’m ready to do the work that I was elected for- getting our investment returns up, increasing transparency, and being a voice for City workers,” said Mr. Casciato.

Local 21 Members Overwhelmingly Approve Tentative Extension Agreement, Secure 6% Wage Increases Over 2 Years


On March 7 CCSF Local 21 members voted on overwhelmingly to ratify the Tentative Extension Agreement (TEA) in what was the highest number of votes cast on a contract ratification in recent years. 95% of those who cast ballots voted in favor of the Extension Agreement.