Conversations and Card Campaign

The upcoming Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case could effectively make our entire country “Right-to-Work” for public sector employees. If the Supreme Court rules against unions, Local 21 members’ dues would be paying for the services of non-members who wouldn’t pay fair share fees any more.

This is part of corporate interests’ bigger agenda to weaken unions, ban collective bargaining for public employees, and take away our political voice so they can usher in anti-worker politicians who do their bidding.

However, as with all challenges, Local 21 isn’t going to face it without a plan. We commit to strengthening and growing our union in the face of attacks to workers both locally and nationally. We know we have a choice. And we proudly and unequivocally choose union.

Below are resources for Volunteer Organizing Team members.

Click here for the Volunteer Organizing Team form. Give the completed forms to your Local President or Representative/ Organizer!

Click here for the methodology on the Wisconsin vs. Local 21 changes in net pay reseach data.