Elections And Endorsements

2018 General Election - November 6, 2018


San Francisco:

Endorsements for San Francisco have not yet been released, check back soon!


Endorsements for November 2018 Elections:

Oakland City Council:

District 2
Nikki Bas Fortunato

District 4
Joseph Tanios
Sheng Thao

District 6
Desley Brooks

Endorsements for June 2018 Elections:

Yes on Measure D. This measure would generate 10 million dollars per year for Oakland Public Libraries. It would prevent library closings, fund safe after-school spaces for children and teens, protect youth reading programs and senior services, prevent reductions in staff levels, and secure full-time jobs with benefits for library workers.

South Bay:

Endorsements for the South Bay have not yet been released, check back soon!


Contra Costa County:

Endorsements for Contra Costa County have not yet been released, check back soon!



2018 Primary Election - June 5, 2018

San Francisco:

Endorsements for June 2018 Elections:

The Local 21 San Francisco Council has voted to adopt the following San Francisco PAC endorsements for the upcoming election:


 Yes on Prop A. The PAC supports the expanded ability of the City to issue bonds for needed energy, including clean energy facilities, which in turn support Local 21 jobs. 

Yes on Prop C. The PAC has endorsed this ballot measure due to it being actively targeted toward an issue important to Local 21 members. The measure would establish a commercial rent receipts tax of 1-3.5% and would dedicate those funds to providing municipal funded childcare services for those making 1-200% of AMI. 

Yes on Prop G. The PAC supports this measure, which has received overwhelming support from labor organizations and would positively impact Local 21 represented administrative positions at SFUSD. With certain exceptions, the measure would add a special assessment fee of $298 to all taxable real estate property in SF from 2018-2038. Funds are allocated to salary increases and other improvements for teachers and other SFUSD staff.

The PAC has taken no position on the remaining propositions.

District 8 Supervisor:

Vote for Rafael Mandelman! The SF Pac endorses Mr. Mandelman, a Local 21 member and strong supporter of city workers, for the position of District 8 Supervisor. Read more about the endorsement and how to help get a fellow member elected here.

San Francisco Mayor:

The PAC has endorsed three candidates for the Mayoral race.

·      Jane Kim

·      Mark Leno

·      London Breed

San Francisco allows voters to choose up to three candidates for the Mayor's race and rank them in order of preference. During candidate interviews, the PAC felt that multiple candidates, despite their differences in experience and strengths, were equally qualified to be Mayor. In addition, all three candidates have had a long history with Local 21 and the PAC feels they would equally respect Local 21 members and negotiate fairly during bargaining. For these reasons, the Local 21 PAC urges San Francisco members to vote for all three of our top candidates, London Breed, Jane Kim, and Mark Leno for Mayor, and is leaving it to members to decide the ranking based upon their personal preference.

San Francisco Superior Court:

Retain SF Judges Ming Mei Lee, Curtis Karnow, Andrew Cheng, and Jeffrey Ross

South Bay:

Endorsements for June 2018 Elections:

California State Assembly & Senate
District 15: Jim Beall
District 25: Kansen Chu
District 27: Ash Kalra 

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
District 4: Don Rocha
San Jose City Council
District 3: Raul Peralez
District 5: Magdalena Carrasco
District 7: Maya Esparza
District 9: Shay Franco-Clausen

Find out more about volunteer opportunities to elect Labor-friendly candidates here.

Contra Costa:

Endorsements for June 2018 Elections:

Diana Becton for Contra Costa County District Attorney

City of Richmond: Yes on Measure E and Charter Amendment K – the KIDS FIRST Initiative.