Political Action

Local 21 Recommendations for the June 7, 2016 Election

In addition to the California Presidential Primary, there are many local reasons to go to the polls and vote. Who is elected to public office and which ballot measures win or lose has a direct impact on our jobs and our ability to provide the public with the top-quality services they need.

Below you will find the official endorsement recommendations of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21. The endorsement process is democratic, nonpartisan and member-driven. You can find our procedures and criteria here http://www.ifpte21.org/content/policies

Help Local 21 pack a punch in June by volunteering to walk door to door or make phone calls to voters. You can also donate to the Fund for Political Action (COPE). Here is the link. 

You can find additional endorsements at the California Labor Federation, San Francisco, South Bay, Alameda, Contra Costa and other local Labor Councils.

If you have any questions or want to volunteer please contact Rachel Richman, Policy and Political Director at rrichman@ifpte21.org.


San Francisco

Hon. Jane Kim for CA State Senate, District 11 http://janekim.org/

Jo Elias Jackson and Francis Hseih for SF Democratic Central Committee  

Support: Proposition A: Bond: Public Health and Safety

Support: Proposition C:Charter Amendment: Affordable Housing Requirements

Support: Proposition D: Ordinance: Office of Citizen Complaints Investigations

Support: Proposition E: Ordinance: Paid Sick Leave


Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors

Re-elect Hon. Candace Andersen, District 2  http://leadcontracosta.com/about/

Hon. Diane Burgis, District 3 -www.dianeburgis.com

Hon. Anamarie Avila Farias, District 5 http://anamarieforcc.com/about


South Bay

Re-elect State Senate: Sen. Jim Beall (D-South Bay) www.jimbeall.com

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Re-elect Supervisor Cindy Chavez

Re-elect Supervisor Dave Cortese

Re-elect Supervisor Joe Simitian

San Jose City Council

Sergio Jimenez, District 2 www.sergio4district2.com

Helen Chapman and ErikFong, District 6 www.helenchapman2016.com     www.erikfong.com

Josh Barousse, District 8 www.joshforcitycouncil.com

Support:  Measure B - Maintain quality services for San Jose residents, ¼ cent sales tax call



City Council

Re-elect Elisia Marquez  www.elisaforhayward.com

Matt McGrath  www.facebook.com/McGrath4hayward

Support:  Measure A:  Maintain vital city services, extends current utility tax, no tax increase

Support:  Measure C:  Hayward Votes Together, increases voter turnout and saves the city money!  www.haywardvotestogether.com


November, 2016 Election Recommendations

San Francisco

Re-elect Supervisor Aaron Peskin  http://aaron2015.com/

San Jose

Opportunity to Work initiative - sign the petition to help get this on the ballot!