Executive Director
Bob Muscat,

Field Services Director

Alex Tonisson,


Research Director

Mike Seville, 


Senior Representative/Organizer

Kyra Byrne Steele,


Lead Representative/Organizer

Jonathan Wright,

Lamoin Werlein-Jaen,

Tanya Mahn,

Vickie Carson,



Amihan Makayan,

Angela Long,

Justin Decker,

Kim Carter Martinez,

Paul Kim,

Stan Young,
Subha Varadarajan,


Political & Policy Director

Rachel Richman,


Research & Communications Specialist

Ana Guzina,

Rebecca Ellis,

Sean Aten,


Office & Systems Manager

Eugene Cassidy,


Assistant to the Executive Director

Andrea Prebys-Williams,



Jason Gee,


Administrative Assistant

Sara Golden,



Lam Truong,


Membership & Dues Coordinator

Daniel Foster,


Administrative/Organizing Assistant

Michelle Hatfield,