Local 21 recommends:

Vote November 4, 2014

San Francisco

Ballot Measures (Full Language)

Yes on A: Transportaion Infastructure Bond
No on B: Unfair funding formula
Yes on C: Extend Childrens' Fund
Yes on D: Help Local 21 members earn retiree health benefits
Yes on E: Tax soda to fund public health and obesity reduction programs
Yes on F: Pier 70 Housing
Yes on G: Stop Speculation and Evictions
No on Prop H and YES on Prop I:  Build soccer fields
Yes on J: $15 Minimum Wage
Yes on K: Calls for more affordable housing*
   *Caveat: We oppose the report referenced in the measure to shift housing authority properties out of the public sector but strongly endorse the other goals in the measure.

David Campos, San Francisco 17th Assembly District

Re-elect Supervisors

Mark Farrell, Board of Supervisors, District 2

Katy Tang, Board of Supervisors, District 4

Jane Kim, Board of Supervisors, District 6

Scott Wiener, Board of Supervisors, District 8

Malia Cohen, Board of Supervisors, District 10

Re-elect Carmen Chu, Assessor

San Francisco School Board

Stevon Cook
Shamann Walton
Trevor McNeil

San Jose

Dave Cortese for Mayor

Paul Fong for City Council, District 1

Raul Perez for City Council, District 3

Maya Esparza for City Council, District 7

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Dennis Kennedy, District 1
Gary Kremen, District 7   

Alameda County

Yes on BB: Continues Funding for City, the Council and Public Transit

East Bay MUD

Marguerite Young, Ward 3


Mayor (Rank Order)

  1. Jean Quan, Mayor
  2. Rebecca Kaplan, City Council Member
  3. Dan Siegel, Attorney

Abel Guillien, City Council, District 2

Annie Campbell Washington, City Council, District 4

Re-elect Desley Brooks, City Council, District 6

Ballot Measures

Yes on FF: Raise the Minimum Wage to $12.25

YES on Measure CC: Strengthens ethics rules and governance
YES on Measure EE: Retirement security
YES on Measure Z: Continues vital funding for public safety and violence prevention

San Leandro

Yes on HH – for vital city services

Berkeley School Board

Josh Daniels


City Council
Jim Rogers
Jael Myrick
Charles Ramsey

Ballot Measures
Yes on Measure U – for Richmond city services

Mountain View

Pat Showalter, City Council

But wait, there’s more…
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As of October 14, 2014