Local 21 recommends:

Vote September 29, 2014


Re-elect Priya Mathur (BART employee, AFSCME member) to the CalPERS Board as the Public Agency Representative

Vote November 4, 2014

San Francisco

Ballot Measures (Full Language)

Yes on A: Transportaion Infastructure Bond
No on B: Unfair funding formula
Yes on C: Extend Childrens' Fund
Yes on D: Help Local 21 members earn retiree health benefits
Yes on E: Tax soda to fund public health and obesity reduction programs
Yes on F: Pier 70 Housing
Yes on G: Stop Speculation and Evictions
NO on Prop H and YES on Prop I:  Build soccer fields
Yes on J: $15 Minimum Wage
YES on K: Calls for more affordable housing*
   *Caveat: We oppose the report referenced in the measure to shift housing authority properties out of the public sector but strongly endorse the other goals in the measure.
YES on L: Calls for change in transportation priorities

David Campos, San Francisco 17th Assembly District


Re-elect Supervisors

Mark Farrell, Board of Supervisors, District 2

Katy Tang, Board of Supervisors, District 4

Jane Kim, Board of Supervisors, District 6

Malia Cohen, Board of Supervisors, District 10

Re-elect Carmen Chu, Assessor


San Jose

Dave Cortese for Mayor

Paul Fong for City Council, District 1

Raul Perez for City Council, District 3

Maya Esparza for City Council, District 7

More labor endorsements at South Bay Labor Council.

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Dennis Kennedy, District 1
Gary Kremen, District 7   

Alameda County

Yes on BB: Continues Funding for City, the Council and Public Transit

East Bay MUD

Marguerite Young, Ward 3


Mayor (Rank Order)

  1. Jean Quan, Mayor
  2. Rebecca Kaplan, City Council Member
  3. Dan Siegel, Attorney

Abel Guillien, City Council, District 2

Annie Campbell Washington, City Council, District 4

Re-elect Desley Brooks, City Council, District 6

Ballot Measures

Yes on FF: Raise the Minimum Wage to $12.25

YES on Measure CC: Strengthens ethics rules and governance
YES on Measure EE: Retirement security
YES on Measure Z: Continues vital funding for public safety and violence prevention

Mountain View

Pat Showalter, City Council



As of September 18, 2014