San Francisco

San Francisco Members Begin Bargaining First Full Contract In Six Years


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Local 21’s 24-person Bargaining Team representing membe

Health Services Board Approves New Co-Pays


On January 12, the Health Service Board approved increases in member co-pays for the six-month benefits period, July 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to approve these changes on February 1, 2012 at the Budget Committee meeting. Supervisor Carmen Chu, Chair of Budget Committee, articulated reasons for the 6-month change. 

Redevelopment Ends, Some Programs Survive


February 1 marked the end of redevelopment for 400 cities and counties in California. The transition for employees represented by Local 21 has been smoother in some places than in others. Here is a brief run down:

San Leandro & Hayward

San Leandro is still determining next steps following the dissolution of Redevelopment. The Union is meeting and conferring with Hayward administrators over the impact of layoffs and bumping.


Postpone Dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies: SUPPORT SB 659


Save Jobs, Affordable Housing and Economic Development

As you may know, the CA Supreme Court ruled that the measure to abolish redevelopment was legal and that the bill allowing redevelopment programs to continue in exchange for shifting millions of dollars to the state was unconstitutional. Worse, they ruled that redevelopment agencies should wind down their activities by February 1, just days from now.

Union Prepares for 2012 Bargaining


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As we head into 2012, our Union is ramping

Progress or Peril: Citywide Labor-Management Committee On PSCs


Last April, the City and Unions broke new ground when they launched a citywide labor-management committee, charged with recommending improvements to current city practices of outsourcing work through Personal Services Contracts (PSCs) and Job Order Contracts (JOCs)/ Construction Maintenance Agreements.

We Won! Local 21-Backed Measures Win Big in San Francisco, Elsewhere


Local 21 members’ activism played a direct role in San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approving Proposition C, the labor-backed retirement measure, by 69%. Prop. C, also known as the “consensus measure,” saves $1.3 billion for the City over the next decade, and will strengthen our pension plan, minimize layoffs, and protect services.

November Election Gets Hot, Hot, Hot! More than $1 Billion at Stake in San Francisco and Oakland


With the San Francisco election less than two weeks away, Local 21 is bumping up our work to pass Proposition C for fair retirement changes and to Defeat Proposition D, the retirement rip-off.