Alameda County Management Engineers

The Alameda County Management Engineers chapter is made up of high level supervising engineers in Alameda County. We oversee many types of engineering projects that reduce traffic and improve safety across our County.

Chapter News and Events

Local 21 Members Tapped by Governor Brown for Judgeships


Governor Jerry Brown recently appointed two Local 21 members to judgeships in Alameda County.

Local 21 Oakland members encouraged to Celebrate Labor Day at Sept. 1 picnic


Free admission, food and fun for members and their families are on tap for the Labor Day picnic at Alameda Point!

Music and BBQ will be provided; bring blankets, chairs and other picnic items.

 Monday, Sept. 1,
11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
2700 Saratoga Street, Alameda Point;

 880 North to Broadway to Webster Street Tube

Make a right on Atlantic

Make a right on Main

Make a left on Navy (Guard Shack)


Court of Appeals denies stay request, Will affect retirement dates for Alameda and CCC employees


On June 30,the Court of Appeals denied the stay request for the AB 197 lawsuit, which affects the retirement benefit calculations for members of both the Alameda and Contra Costa County Employees’ Retirement Associations.

This is a discouraging decision in light of the declarations from both management and rank-and-file employees in both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, detailing how employees were being forced to retire in order to preserve their promised retirement benefits—as well as the impact this could have on public services, public safety and public welfare.

Alameda County Medical Center Settles New Contract with Big Wins


We have a deal! Members of the Alameda County Medical Center chapter (ACMC) negotiated a new two-year contract through January 2014. Members will receive a 3% wage increase retroactive to November 2012, and another 3% increase in November 2013. This is one of the bigger increases that Local 21 has seen in several years, and hopefully marks the start of a trend.

Local 21 Wins Justice For Alameda County Social Services Member


Sharon Stewart is a Supervising Eligibility Technician with the Welfare to Work Program at Alameda County Social Services. She's been with the County for nine years and has always demonstrated exemplary performance. She loves her job and gets along well with her colleagues.

Local 21 Files for Injunction of Pension Reform Bill


Along with several other County unions, Local 21 filed a writ petition to intervene in the Alameda County Employees’ Retirement Association’s (ACERA) implementation of pension reform bill AB 340 and clean up bill AB 197 for existing employees. Initially, it sought an injunction to prevent ACERA from excluding certain categories of pay from being used in pension calculations, which it has included in the past, based on the change impairing employees’ vested rights.

Postpone Dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies: SUPPORT SB 659


Save Jobs, Affordable Housing and Economic Development

As you may know, the CA Supreme Court ruled that the measure to abolish redevelopment was legal and that the bill allowing redevelopment programs to continue in exchange for shifting millions of dollars to the state was unconstitutional. Worse, they ruled that redevelopment agencies should wind down their activities by February 1, just days from now.

Local 21 Makes Endorsements for November 2011 Election


Election Day is just around the corner, and many voters will be receiving their vote-by-mail ballots soon. Local 21 is sending each member with a San Francisco or Oakland mailing address on file a palm card listing our Union's endorsements which you can take to the polls with you, or use to fill out your vote-by-mail ballot at home. See a complete list of Local 21 endorsements, or watch out for your palm card in the mail!

Alameda Labor Council Honors Two Local 21 Members


Local 21 members filled two tables at the Alameda County Labor Council Award Dinner Friday night.  For the second year in a row, Local 21 members were among the honorees. 

Tom Manley, Local 21 Vice President for Legislative & Political Action, was honored for his volunteer political work, spending hundreds of hours phone banking and getting-out-the-vote in support of our candidates.