Cupertino Employees' Association

CEA represents several classifications from engineers to administrative professionals at the City of Cupertino.

Chapter News and Events

San Jose Local 21 Members Unseat Incumbent to Elect Pro-Worker City Councilmember


In San Jose we are up against over 700 vacancies, high levels of turnover, and an impending wave of retirement (60% of all city employees are eligible for retirement in 2024). This understaffing crisis undermines the vital services that San Jose residents depend on. Our plan to fix it is to elect a city council that is committed to investing in our city.

Local 21, AFSCME/ MEF, OE3 Coalition Campaign Kickoff


Click on image below to see video from our October 3, 2019, Coalition Campaign Kickoff event at SJSU.  Learn about the State of Public Services in San Jose. 

A link to the presentation is below the video.


A San Jose For All presentation




SEA Member Surveys Development Projects with Flair, Dedication




Phillip Lanides estimates that he’s traveled every street in the City of Sunnyvale.

That’s nearly 270 miles of road driven, walked, and inspected in less than two years.

L21 Members Receive Impact Award


A group of Local 21 Members were recognized in March when their project Better BikewaySJ received a SPUR Impact Award.  Project members include AEA’s Anthony Do, Octavio Duran, Shu Su, Kyle Tanhueco and CAMP’s Peter Bennett.

Local 21 Member Assists with Relocation of Historic San José State Building



An odd sight made its way around San José State University at the beginning of the year.  A historic house weighing 200 tons — about two blue whales — snaked through City streets to a new home across campus.

Local 21 Member Eilbret Mirzapour coordinated the City of San José’s arm of the project.  Many onlookers lined the streets January 12 to see the behemoth’s transfer.

Local 21 Members Throw Citywide Block Party


Photo above:  CAMP Members Ryan Smith and Ed Solis help plan Viva CalleSJ 2018, which closes six miles of San José streets annually to traffic so people can walk, bike, run, stroll and scoot around neighborhoods.