1/16/19 - January Bulletin #1

Contra Costa Bulletin: January 16, 2019
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Local 21 to Host "Healthcare for All" Barnstorm Event

Join other Local 21 members and community leaders on Saturday morning, February 9, 2019 for bagels, donuts, coffee and a briefing about “Medicare for All”!

On the heels of a massively successful affordable healthcare campaign for county workers, Local 21 members have been inspired to participate in the wider healthcare justice movement. A national Week of Action is launching in February with community meetings across the country. Contra Costa County’s Local 21 chapter will be hosting a townhall event in collaboration with National Nurses United, during which we will explore what healthcare justice looks like to unionized workers, community members, and policy advocates. We’ll learn some concrete steps to take to build support for change. 
Medicare for All Barnstorm Event
Saturday, February 9, 2019
Concord Senior Center
2727 Parkside Circle, Concord CA

All Community Members Welcome
Public sector workers are in a prime position to advance the fight for Healthcare Justice beyond our county offices. Local 21 represents members in WIC and Community Services, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Safety, and Health Services who know how crucial healthcare is to a thriving county. Let’s grow the momentum built by our Affordable Healthcare Now contract campaign in Contra Costa County and take important steps to create Healthcare Justice for All!
The Search for an Acceptable Health Net Replacement Begins

Our 9-Union Coalition made huge progress in 2018 creating more affordable healthcare for Contra Costa County employees. We won 100% coverage of all 2019 health plan premium increases as well as a new healthcare cost-sharing structure that normalizes the County’s contribution to our healthcare costs and saves Local 21 members thousands of dollars on premiums over the next three and a half years.

Now, the Coalition and the County will start work on finding more affordable healthcare plans for our employee market, as well as negotiating with the plan providers to better control premium costs moving forward. 

The Joint Labor-Management Benefits Committee (JLMBC), which is made up of Coalition Unions and County representatives, will reconvene Wednesday January 16th to start seeking an acceptable Health Net plan replacement for the 2020 plan year. Health Net premiums are no longer affordable for most employees, and the plan is unsustainable. The JLMBC is aware of several important plan components we want in any eventual Health Net replacement, including access to John Muir medical groups.

We will keep you informed of the progress of the JLMBC throughout the year. And Local 21 members should stand ready to voice any concerns to the County as needed during this process. 
January's Featured
New Member

Local 21 Welcomes New Member Mary Belisle! Mary is an Administrative Services Assistant III with Health Services and comes to the county with experience in both the private and nonprofit sector. Please join us in welcoming her to the county and to Local 21!
Your Involvement Makes a Difference!
Last year, under the threat of anti-Labor attacks that aimed to weaken public sector workers, Local 21 grew our membership in Contra Costa County from 84% in October 2017 to a whopping 93% in December 2018! We also signed up record numbers of members who recommitted to Local 21 by completing the new Local 21 Membership Gold Card.
High membership and member engagement directly translated to power at the bargaining table in 2018, where our 9-Union Coalition won substantial healthcare cost savings and across the board wage increases for employees.

We can keep making Contra Costa County a better place to work for all of us, but we need full membership and continued member engagement to do it.

If you have not yet filled out your Gold Card, please do it today. And if you have any co-workers who were hired or promoted into a Local 21-represented position recently, please ask them to do the same. 
Become a Member or Recommit TODAY! Sign the GOLD CARD Here!
Watch for Your Local 21 Membership Survey Coming Soon! 

When it comes to protecting and improving wages, benefits, and working conditions, there are always challenges in Contra Costa County and for public employees in general. To make sure we are working on the issues that matter most to CCC Chapter members, our member leaders are currently developing a goals and priorities Survey.

The Survey will ask members to rate the level of importance of various Union goals for the Chapter’s work in 2019. It will also give members the chance to point out anything that may not be on our radar. Be on the lookout for your Chapter Membership Survey in late January, and make sure to complete it to have your voice heard!
Visit our chapter website: http://ifpte21.org/chapters/contra-costa-county