4% Pay Raise Arrives!

Retroactive pay raise to come in December

Oakland Local 21 members had a pleasant surprise for Thanksgiving. They saw their new 4% pay raise reflected on their last pay stubs dated Nov. 25. 

The Union has fought long and hard to make sure the City honors its commitment toward public workers. In keeping with its promise, the City applied the pay raise to the last pay period-- a tangible result of how L21’s 6 months of hard bargaining paid off in a new two-year contract won for and by Oakland members.

In the next few weeks, members who have been on the payroll for at least five months will also receive a retroactive 4% pay raise for the months of July 1 through November 24.

 “After working for many years at non-union jobs, pay raises are just one of the things that remind me of the importance of Local 21’s work.” -- Denise Pate, Cultural Funding Program Coordinator 


“I would like to say thank you to our wonderful bargaining team for the awesome job they did for us. I can’t imagine the long days and nights at the bargaining table, but I commend you all for giving your time and fighting for this great contract.”-- Rhonda D. Lane, Payroll Personnel Clerk III, Human Resources, Bureau of Administration


 “I feel like the Union was standing by their guns on what we really deserve.  They even went so far as to see if we were willing to go on strike.  It takes a certain caliber to be that definitive. Being rewarded through a pay raise gives you the incentive to work even harder.” -- Brenda Ivy, Brenda Ivey, Neighborhood Services Coordinator