Alameda County Medical Center Settles New Contract with Big Wins

We have a deal! Members of the Alameda County Medical Center chapter (ACMC) negotiated a new two-year contract through January 2014. Members will receive a 3% wage increase retroactive to November 2012, and another 3% increase in November 2013. This is one of the bigger increases that Local 21 has seen in several years, and hopefully marks the start of a trend.

The new contract includes a Paid Time Off (PTO) plan, in which all sick and vacation leave will be lumped into one bank. The benefit of this plan is that employees can use the PTO bank for vacation as well as sick time, allowing for more flexible spending of leave time based on each individual’s needs.

Despite major wins in wages and leave accruals, ACMC members did agree to a new health care premium sharing plan where the employer will pick up 90% of the premium for all plans offered. Currently ACMC has been paying for 100% of the medium cost Kasier plan. The employer already had the ability to unilaterlaly impose the 90/10 split because oflanguage in our contract that stipulates if 50% or more of the unions agree to a healthcare modification, Local 21-represented employees will be automatically affected by the modification. Luckily, the cost of living increases are more than enough to offset the increase in contributions our members will begin making.