A Comprehensive Guide to Figuring Out Your Chapter

"What Chapter Am I In? When Are My Chapter Membership Meetings?"

In the top right hand corner of your pay slip (see below), the line titled "Bargaining Unit" has the classification code you need to figure out what chapter you are in.  


Administrative Professionals Chapter (A&W)TA1 and TW1.
     Membership meetings are the first Friday of the month.
Supervisors and Managers Chapter (H&M): UM1UM2TM2, and UH1.
     Membership meetings are the second Wednesday of the month.
Engineers and Architects Chapter (EARs)TF1.
     Membership meetings are the first Thursday of the month.
Attorneys ChapterTM1 and UA1.
     Membership meetings vary monthly. Contact Chapter President Selia Warren for more information.

Now that you know your chapter, we hope you will attend your monthly chapter meetings to get important updates!

Still not sure? Call our Oakland office at 510-451-4982 for assistance.