Donate to the TJ Anthony Fund

The people we elect to public office and which ballot measures win or lose has a direct impact on our jobs and our ablity to provide the communities we serve with high quality, public services. We must support candidates who are genuine champions for public services and unions. We also support worker-friendly ballot measures and policies that support our communities and our jobs.

• Defending salaries & benefits for public workers

• Fully funding and fully staffing our public services

• Supporting our communities with policies like Schools & Communities First

The Local 21 T.J. Anthony Fund powers our political voice — and it’s only effective when we join together. With a stronger political action fund, our voice can be greatly amplified to win the change we need for our communities.



Click here to begin contributing to the TJ Anthony Fund. Completing the form only takes a couple minutes. Please complete in one sitting. Unfortunately, the system doesn't allow you to start and return to a partially completed application. 

Note: Local 21 members who work for the following jurisdictions DO NOT have the ability to have donations deducted from your paycheck.  Instead, you have to transfer a set amount every month from your checking account by completing the attached form.  The jurisdictions include:  West Contra Costa County Unified School District, Contra Costa Water District, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Port of Oakland, Valley Transportation Agency and Santa Clara County. Fill out the form below and either fax it to the Local 21 Office or scan it and email it to