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Local 21 2019 Political Endorsements

SF Retiree Healthcare Trust Fund - David Salem


Local 21 2018 Political Endorsements

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*Candidates with an asterisk next to their names are current or retired Local 21 members.


Assembly District 15 - Jovanka Beckles
Assembly District 17 - David Chiu
Assembly District 18 - Rob Bonta 
Assembly District 19 - Phil Ting 
Assembly District 20 - Bill Quirk 
Assembly District 25 - Kansen Chu 
Assembly District 27 - Ash Kalra
Prop. 1: Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018 (YES) – Authorizes $4 billion in general obligation bonds to support affordable housing and a veterans’ home ownership programs. 
Prop. 3 Authorizes Bonds to Fund Projects for Water Supply, etc.:  (YES) – Authorizes $8.8 billion in general obligation bonds to fund water supply infrastructure projects, support safe drinking water and water quality, and watershed and fisheries improvements. 
Prop 5: Changes Requirements for Home Owners to Transfer Property Tax (NO) – Changes rules for how property taxes are calculated for replacement residences that would result in property tax losses for cities, counties, and schools of around $300 million per year in the near term, growing to over $2 billion per year. 
Prop. 6: Eliminate Road Repair and Transportation Funding (NO) – Repeals a 2017 transportation law’s revenue provisions. Would result in loss of transportation revenues of $2.9 billion in 2019, increasing to $4.9 billion annually by 2021, which pay for repairs and improvements to roads, highways, and public transportation.
Prop. 10: Expands Locals’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Property (YES) – Addresses a growing housing crisis in California by allowing cities to pass policies that would limit rental rates that property owners may charge for new tenants, new construction, and single-family homes. 


San Francisco City & County

Board of Supervisors, District 2 – Catherine Stefanie
Board of Supervisors, District 4 – Gordon Mar
Board of Supervisors, District 6 – Matt Haney
Board of Supervisors, District 8 – Rafael Mandelman*
Board of Supervisors, District 10 – Shamann Walton
Assessor-Recorder – Carmen Chu
Board of Education - Monica Chinchilla
Board of Education - Alison Collins
Board of Education - Faauuga Moliga
BART Board of Directors, District 8 – Jonathan Lyens*
Measure A: Seawall Bond (YES) - Authorizes the issuance of $425 million in general obligation bonds for seismic strengthening and repair of the Embarcadero Seawall. 
Measure B: Privacy Guidelines (YES) – Establishes a Privacy First Policy to provide guidance to the City when considering the adoption of privacy-protective laws and policies. Principles include limiting collection and storage of personal information, de-identifying data sets, and securing personal information against unlawful access.
Measure C: Gross Receipts for Homeless Services (YES) – Establishes a gross receipts tax for all business with receipts of over $50 million. This would result in new tax revenue of $250 - $300 million annually dedicated to housing and homeless services, including shelters, prevention, and mental health services. 
Measure D: Cannabis Tax (YES) - Establishes an additional gross receipts tax for cannabis businesses. This would result in additional revenue of $7 - $16 million by 2021 with all new revenue going to the general fund.


Contra Costa County 

Martinez City Council – Debbie McKillop*
West Contra Costa Unified School District Board - Valerie Cuevas 
West Contra Costa Unified School District Board - Madeline Kronenberg 
West Contra Costa Unified School District Board - Consuelo Lara
Richmond Measure H: Luxury Real Estate Tax (YES) - This measure would increase the tax on luxury real estate transactions and produce an increase of $3.9 million annually for the general fund. These funds would expand youth services like after school programs; ensure city workers receive fair compensation and benefits, and help balance Richmond’s budget.
Measure R: Cannabis Tax (YES) - Establishes a tax for cannabis cultivation and other cannabis businesses that would generate a $1.7 to $4.4 million annually in revenue to fund County public safety, health service, and environmental protection programs.


Alameda County

Oakland City Auditor - Courtney Ruby
Oakland City Council, District 2 – Nikki Fortunato-Bas
Oakland City Council, District 4 – Joseph Tanios*
Oakland City Council, District 4 – Sheng Thao*
Oakland City Council, District 6 – Desley Brooks
Oakland Measure W: Parcel Tax on Vacant Properties (YES) – Enacts a Vacant Property tax to fund homeless services and resources to address illegal dumping. The tax would generate annual revenue between $6.6 million and $10.6 million.

Oakland Measure X: Real Property Transfer Tax (YES) – Changes the current real estate transfer tax from a flat tax to a progressive tax. This would reduce the real estate transfer tax for low and moderate income first time homebuyers and increase the tax on properties over $2 million. The progressive tax would increase annual revenue to the general fund between $1.7 million and $17 million.

Oakland Measure Y: Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance (YES) – Strengthens the just cause ordinance by removing an exemption for owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes and gives the City Council additional authority to strengthen eviction protections.

Oakland Measure Z: Hotel Workers Protections (YES) – Establishes minimum workplace protections for hotel workers, including regulations to reduce workplace sexual harassment and assault, and establishes a $15/hour minimum wage for hotel workers.
Oro Loma Sanitary District Board – Fred Simon*
Berkeley Unified School Board - Ty Alper
Berkeley Unified School Board -  Julie Sinai
Berkeley Unified School Board - Ka’Dijah Brown
EBMUD Board of Directors, Ward 7 - Frank Mellon
Hayward Mayor - Barbara Halliday

Hayward City Council - Sarah Lamnin
Hayward City Council - Aisha Wahab
Hayward Measure T: Increase in Real Property Transfer Tax (YES) – Increases the real estate transfer tax from $4.50 per $1,000 of value to $8.50 per $1,000 of value. Would generate revenue of $13 million annually for the city general fund.
San Leandro City Council, District 1 - Deborah Cox
San Leandro City Council, District 3 - Lee Thomas 
San Leandro City Council, District 5 - Corina Lopez 


Santa Clara County

Board of Supervisors, District 4 - Don Rocha
San Jose City Council, District 7 - Maya Esparza
Cupertino City Council - Darcy Paul
Cupertino City Council - Savita Vaidhyanathan
Cupertino City Council - Tara Sreekrishnan
Sunnyvale City Council, Seat 3 - Mason Fong
Mountain View City Council - Pat Showalter*
Santa Clara Valley Water Board, District 1 - John Varela
Santa Clara Valley Water Board, District 6 - Tony Estremera
Santa Clara Valley Water Board, District 7 -  Gary Kremen
Measure A (YES) – The measure is an extension of a 1/8-cent sales general sales tax that generates $50 million annually for Santa Clara County. The measure was originally passed by voters in 2012 with a 10-year sunset and needs to be renewed. Needs a simple majority to pass.