Hayward workers unite against further cuts

Our members in Hayward are continuing their fight against pay and benefit cuts the City is insisting on in bargaining. In 2012 both our members and SEIU gave concessions totally 12% in take-home pay to avert layoffs. Now both Local 21 and SEIU have open contracts and the City is seeking a further 5% in cuts. Before our contract expired, the City declared impasse in SEIU negotiations in July which prompted a 3-day strike. Local 21 members came out in support of SEIU, but did not strike because our contract had not yet expired. In December fact-finding was held in the SEIU dispute.  We provided SEIU with an economic forecast we commissioned from the respected Beacon Economics firm which proved that the City was underestimating and overlooking revenue growth in their dire 10 year forecast. The Fact Finder was unsuccessful in mediating the dispute and her report has been issued, offering a compromise for the two parties, but largely supporting the unions financial findings and arguments.

At the time of this article going to press, we believe the Hayward City Council is poised to reject the Fact Finders report and impose the cuts on SEIU. We will alert the membership of the next steps but we will not stand while unions are imposed on.