January 8, 2018 Local 21 Oakland Bargaining Update

Happy New Year to our Local 21 Members and Families!

It’s been several weeks since our last update and we apologize for the delay. Not much has happened over the holidays and we are still waiting for a response to our settlement proposal from the City. We are hoping to receive a comprehensive response sometime this week.

The bargaining team will be meeting this week to deliberate on next steps and decide what action will be taken. There have been questions about a strike fund, and Local 21 does not have one for a variety of reasons. Mostly that in the Local’s history, there have not been strikes that have needed funding. Current Oakland Executive Committee Vice President Renee Sykes has made a request to use the Oakland holiday party funds to compensate strikers who have faced hardship.

To reiterate, we are not yet at impasse, but knowing what we know about SEIU’s trajectory, it will likely not be long until we receive our own Last, Best, and Final Offer from the City. At that point, the bargaining team will decide if that offer should go to a vote or if it should be taken to mediation and fact finding.

If you have questions, please contact your Local 21 chapter bargaining team representative listed below. They will assist you in understanding what is happening in negotiations.

Please also note that when contacting your representative below, only provide your personal contact information for them to reach you at.  It is important that we not utilize City e-mails to discuss union concerns and strategy.

Local 21 Bargaining Team 2017

Admin and Professionals Chapter
Waliana Dieu, wdieu@oaklandnet.com
Cheryl Dunaway, cdunaway@oaklandnet.com
Jennifer Foster, jfoster@oaklandnet.com
Carol Kolenda, ckolenda@oaklandnet.com
Ferial Mosley, fmosley@oaklandnet.com
Cookie Robles-Wong, crobles-wong@oaklandnet.com
Laura Takeshita, ltakeshita@oaklandnet.com

Deputy City Attorneys Chapter

Selia Warren, swarren@oaklandcityattorney.org

Engineers, Architects and Real Estate Agents Chapter
Bert Chang, bchang@oaklandnet.com
John Chin, jchin@oaklandnet.com
Anthony Reese, areese@oaklandnet.com

Supervisors and Managers Chapter

Shahla Azimi, sazimi@oaklandnet.com
Harry Battiste, Jr., hbattiste@oaklandnet.com
Sara Fine, sfine@oaklandnet.com
Calvin Hao, chao@oaklandnet.com
Rickey Persons, Jr., rpersonssr@oaklandnet.com
Joseph Tanios, jtanios@oaklandnet.com
Diane Tannenwald, dtannenwald@oaklandnet.com

Local 21 Oakland VP
Renee Sykes, rsykes@oaklandnet.com