L21 Secretary Heads SFMTA Open Workplace Pilot Project

As project manager for the Open Workspace Pilot in the Capital Projects building for the City of San Francisco, Local 21 Secretary Eileen Housteau headed up the redesign at 1 S. Van Ness, 8th floor, which started last spring. 

“SFMTA is experiencing a space crisis and my project is one of many potential solutions to maximize how we use our existing work spaces,” Eileen said.

In April 2014, Capital Financial Planning & Analysis (CFPA) looked at the problem of dwindling office space and initiated the pilot project. With MTA’s strategic goals in mind, Eileen said that the project team wanted to “create a workplace that delivers outstanding service.”

Housed in the former MTA line management center, room 8101 has two distinct areas to try out different configurations: a core work area for 15 staff and a flex area for teams to collaborate on projects. Having recently settled into the new space this June, CFPA invites curious visitors to explore and experience the redesigned room.

Currently, Eileen is working on a survey of the employees currently using the space to learn about what they like and what needs to be improved. 

PHOTOS: Eileen Housteau, Project Manager, Capital Projects Building, CCSF and Local 21 Secretary; 1 SVN 8th Floor SFMTA Open Space Pilot for CFPA, 5/26/15