Local 21 Supports Pickets in Oakland for Fair Contract


Circular picket lines sprouted up on the Frank Ogawa Plaza on Monday afternoon. Called by the SEIU 1021, a number of Local 21 members turned out in support of the picket to raise awareness about a common concern: the need for the City of Oakland to upgrade public service employees’ contracts to reflect the rising cost of living in the Bay Area.  This demand comes after both unions made a number of contractual concessions seven years ago to accommodate the recession.

To the backdrop of “SEIU and Local 21 too!” chants, Nina Lindsay, Library Supervisor for the City of Oakland and L21 member had this to say about why she was out there: “Local 21 and SEIU 1021 members keep the city going together.  We are in separate unions but we work jointly.  We keep the city doors open. We both deserve a fair raise in this contract.  Oakland’s doing better. There’s more money coming back to the city. We gave a tremendous amount in the recession.  And the city has not yet made us an offer. […] We just want a fair contract.”
Wearing her union button, Lindsay joined SEIU picketers carried signs in front of City Hall and throughout Frank Ogawa Plaza chanting “People, people, hear us now, Oakland is a union town!” Other slogans referred to the unions’ joint call to the City to give back and reinvest in its workers, as well as to revamp its public services and programs that suffered cutbacks during the recession. Now that times are better, the picketers said they aren’t asking for luxuries: “We’re not even asking for meat. Throw us a bone!”