Member Resources

As members, we participate in the union through our chapter meetings, participation in decision-making, voting or running for office, etc.  Being a member also strengthens the union’s power, and lets our co-workers know that we are standing with them.

Local 21 members recognize the benefits of union membership, including:

  • IFPTE Local 21 is recognized by your employer to represent you and your co-workers in employment-related matters including wages and benefits, hours of work, and working conditions.

  • IFPTE Local 21 is an information clearinghouse for employee rights and practices.

  • IFPTE Local 21 has access to and working relationships with key administrators and elected officials.

  • IFPTE Local 21 pursues advocacy, organizing, conflict resolution, and grievance procedures to give everyone a voice in their professional lives.

  • IFPTE Local 21 also participates politically in matters affecting work and work life.

Union dues:

It doesn’t cost to affiliate with IFPTE Local 21, it pays!

Dues are 0.963% of salary and wages – less than one percent.  The dues are a small financial investment that pays for itself many times over in the form of wage increases, benefits, and job security.  Members have access to a number of services, including entertainment discounts, affordable insurance programs, low interest housing loans, and a variety of other benefits.

As members know, your affiliation allows you to have a stronger voice in the work you do.