Oakland FAQs

1. What’s the latest?

The sympathy strike was suspended on Tuesday, December 12. The City and SEIU agreed to mediation over the weekend that began on Monday December 11.  The SEIU bargaining team felt the discussions were positive enough to suspend the strike, thus Local 21 suspended the sympathy strike.

2. Is there any chance we will be on strike again?
Yes. Depending on what happens at the bargaining or mediation table, it is possible that Local 21 could go on strike if members do not want to accept the City’s offer. We are trying to come to an agreement with the City at the bargaining table in hopes that the parties can come to a fair deal.

3. What is our bottom line with respect to raises?
We don’t want to fall further behind the cost of living. If the City changes its offer, we will consider it and see if it is reasonable.

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