Oakland Fire Update

In the aftermath of the Oakland fire, we wanted to reach out to members with some crucial information that may be of help in this time.  Click here to read our Bulletin about the Oakland fire.  First, detailed information about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is featured, including the EAP brochure, their toll free number and drop in sessions.  Second, if you get an information request or a media inquiry, please forward those to Amber Todd in the City Administrator’s office (atodd@oaklandnet.com).  Lastly, if you get called into an investigatory meeting regarding the fire, as in any situation, you should invoke your Weingarten Rights (e.g. Right to a Union Rep) and request to have a Union Representative present at all investigations. You do not need to answer questions until a Union Representative is present and you cannot be disciplined for invoking your Weingarten Rights.

As our City grieves, we want you to know that IFPTE Local 21 is here to help.