Oakland Looks to Restructure Transportation and Public Works

Attached are the detailed organizational charts for both the new Department of Transportation and the re-designed Public Works as well as a narrative that describes the changes. 

We appreciate Member questions and suggestions and we look forward to our next conversations about this restructuring. As we get feedback from Members about impacts to your work, we will work with Members directly to address those issues.

Attached are the four documents related to the reorganization:

1.       DOT OPW Org Chart Summary (narrative)
2.       OPW Work locations- Org charts and narratives will be posted at the listed locations
3.       Org Chart OPW
4.       Org Chart DOT

You can Karmen at kortloff@ifpte21.org or Subha at subha@ifpte21.org if you have identified concerns with your position or the new organization.  Thank you for your attention to this important matter.