Oakland Members Cast Overwhelming ‘YES” Vote for Strike Sanction

Members of the two largest unions representing non-sworn Oakland employees voted to authorize strike actions against the City of Oakland last week. ‘Strike Vote’ tables were set up all over the City to give members of both Local 21 and SEIU 1021 the opportunity to vote. More members of Local 21 voted in this election than in any previous union election, with 81% of our membership voting with a resounding 94% YES to authorize the bargain­ing team to call for actions up to and including a strike.

Local 21 and SEIU 1021 together are seeking Strike Sanction from the Alam­eda Labor Council. What does this mean? Once a strike has been sanctioned by the Labor Council, the affected unions have the full weight and support of all the affiliated unions and staff of the Labor Council. They won’t cross our picket lines and will support us in our struggle with the City. In addition, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Josie Camacho has been a great advocate for us in meetings with City Council members and we thank her for all she is doing on our behalf.