Union Pushes Back Against City’s Funding Request and Strategic Plan for New Department

The City unrolled it’s budgeting and strategy recommendations for a new Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) in an Agenda Report on January 14, only two weeks before it went to the Public Works (PW) Committee.  Although the union was able to sit down with the City for an informational session a week before the committee meeting, no genuine meet and confer took place.  Local 21 was able to mobilize a significant turnout at the PW Committee meeting on January 26, where Vice President Renee Sykes spoke on behalf of the union, and several of our members voiced their concerns.  Take a look at what happened at the meeting here.
The union’s speech starts at minute 35:20.  You can also read the speech here.
As a result of our efforts and push back, the PW Committee declined to approve the funding request and strategic plan for DTI.  The council members instructed the City to engage staff and unions as they create a strategic plan, providing us with an opportunity to provide valuable input in the creation of this new department.  We will be scheduling meetings with our impacted members to elicit feedback and provide information in the coming months.