What Members Should Know about Performance Appraisals

Our Oakland Local 21 contract gives represented permanent City employees the right to a yearly performance appraisal.

As a rule, members’ annual  performance appraisals are due on April 30th.  Now is the time for the process to begin.

Members should soon be receiving employee questionnaires.  These questionnaires are used as a reference/guide before the final written performance appraisal is submitted in April. Members should be meeting with their supervisors before the final appraisal is completed. 

If a member disagrees with his/her appraisal, it can be appealed. The appeal should first be discussed with the member’s immediate supervisor. If a member is unable to resolve the appeal at that level, the member can then request a formal review by the agency director or his/her appointed designee. Decisons about formal appeals are made by the Human Resources Director.  Remember, not having a current performance appraisal can effect a member’s ability to promote or take advantage of other job opportunities.

More information can be found in Section 14.3 of your MOU