We Are Oakland Video #2

Enough is Enough

Local 21 members,

Don't miss the second "WE ARE OAKLAND" video.  This moving video features some of our own members describing the impacts the City's cuts have had on their lives - what they've dealt with and why they stay. We strongly encourage you to share this piece with your friends, family and neighbors through Facebook, neighborhood blogs and other social media. Our story is a powerful one and should be shared.

The Mayor will present her Budget to the City Council on Tuesday, April 30 at 5:30. This budget eliminates the temporary furloughs but calls for position cuts in both years and increased spending for OPD.  In negotiations, the City is demanding permanent cuts affecting health care and pension costs as well as changes to vacation, sick and management leave cash outs, accruals and conversions.  In other words, more work for less pay!

Have you had enough?

Bring your co-workers and join LOCAL 21, SEIU 1021 and IBEW 1245 at a joint rally in front of City Hall on Tuesday at 4:30 - "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".  We will make our case in front of City Council as they begin to debate the budget, plan to be there.