Local 21 Oakland Bulletins


A list of all the Local 21 Oakland Bargaining Bulletins in recent history.

IFPTE 60th Convention Delegate Election


This is an official notice of the election of the Local 21 delegates to our International Union’s triennial Convention. Learn more about the International Convention here.

IFPTE Local 21 Delegation

Champions For Our Community: Fred Simon


Fred Simon is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer, a proud member of Local 21 for 23 years, and has serves in two elected offices.

IFPTE Local 21 Front Line Workers Receive COVID Vaccines


Local 21 members at Laguna Honda and SF General have been treating COVID patients since the onset of the pandemic, and are now some of the first in the Bay Area to receive vaccines.

2020 Executive Committee Officer Election Results


See the full results and report from the November 24 IFPTE Local 21 unionwide and regional officer election.

2020 General Election Endorsements


The official endorsements of IFPTE Local 21.

2020 Executive Committee Officer Elections


Important dates, announcements, and guidelines for the 2020 EC Officer elections.

Add your name for a San Francisco Budget for All


Working families in San Francisco deserve world-class City services — and the people who provide them deserve to live with dignity and respect.

Bay Area Public Services in the Era of COVID-19


Original research report from Local 21 on the lessons from the era of austerity.

City Workers in Cupertino Win Paid Pandemic Leave


We won a huge victory to protect our members’ jobs and healthcare during the COVID-19 crisis. Instead of exhausting our members’ leave bank which could have resulted in job losses, we were able to rescind the city policy of ending paid administrative leave. This is the power of people in action.