We’re Running Out of Time! Phonebank Swing Republicans on Trumpcare!


Senate Republicans are rushing to vote on healthcare repeal by next week.

Our biggest contribution would be volunteering to call voters in other states to encourage them to speak up to their Representatives, since our Representatives are already opposed to Trumpcare.

Big Year for Local 21 at the Bargaining Table


A quick look at the status of Local 21 tables around the Bay.

Featured Video: Local 21 Resists


The video premiered last month at the Local 21 Delegates Assembly. The video is part of a wider Local 21 Resistance program; you can read more about it here. Watch the video below.

Farewell and Best Wishes to Local 21 Policy and Political Director of 8 Years, Rachel Richman


After over eight years of service with Local 21, Political and Policy Director Rachel Richman will be moving on to a new chapter in her career.

Local 21 Members are Walked Off the Job


Imagine coming to work one morning, like you’ve been doing for 10 years, only to find an HR representative and your manager waiting for you with a letter that says your services aren’t needed anymore. You suddenly need to clean out your desk while under supervision, and leave the job you and your family depend on.

A New Financial Systems Program is Coming- and Local 21 Members are Making Sure it Runs Smoothly


Since 2015, the City and County of San Francisco has been working to get its new Financial Systems Project (F$P) ready, and now it’s ready to launch.

Employee Development Fund Victory & Update!


We’re very happy to announce that after diligently working with the City’s Department of Human Resources (DHR) to resolve both the systemic problems and the individual ones, we believe we’ve reached a solution that will dramatically improve the program going forward!

Local 21 is adopting a Trumpcare phone bank on July 12! Food will be provided.


Local 21 is adopting a phone bank on July 12! Come by to talk to voters whose Representatives are supporting Trumpcare. Help them to speak up and be heard! Food will be provided.

South Bay Members Support Bridging the Generational Gap Among Workers


Most workplaces have four generations under their roofs – Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists. ES and PMA members at the Santa Clara Valley Water District are finishing up their first year by celebrating the qualities and skills of each age group.