Healthcare Cost Containment Gets a Boost from CalPERS


In a stunning turn of events, the governing board of California Public Employees Retirement System, the third largest non-federal purchaser of healthcare in the country is backing legislation to require Kaiser to provide documentation justifying rate increases.

Delegate Email Poll to Reauthorize Resolution for New Office Space


At the January 2013 Delegate Assembly, Local 21 Delegates overwhelmingly passed a resolution authorizing the Executive Committee to invest a portion of reserves in a new office space for the San Francisco Headquarters.  Located on Mission Street, the potential space is being offered at approximately half the going lease rate for comparable properties in the Mid-Market area and is close to both regional transit and the largest number of San Francisco members.  Even when assuming a significant budget for tenant improvements, the cost to the Union over the 15-year lease is considerably less th

Legislative Update on Retirement


The federal government delayed a decision that could cost California billions in federal transportation money.  In a letter to Governor Brown a few weeks ago, the Department of Labor indicated that California's new pension reform (PEPRA) violated federal rules on collective bargaining and could jeopardize federal funding unless transit agencies were exempted from the recently adopted state law that changes public sector retirement.  A final decision was expected in mid-August but delayed while the Governor negotiates with the Feds.

Save the Date! Free Stress Workshops


Do you find your stress level rising as you: think constantly about layoffs, worry about the reduction in your investments, watch home equity decrease, rely more and more on your credit cards, and struggle increasingly to make ends meet? Learn how to reduce stress in your life by attending one of these free classes for Local 21 members. (Friends of Local 21 members who are interested may also attend.) The sessions are led by Kitty Costello, MA, MFT, and Richard Epstein, PhD, MFT.

Delegate Assembly Report Back


The Assembly’s theme, “Taking It Back,” focused on the opportunities and challenges we are seeing in 2013 and beyond, including a rebounding economy, securing wage increases, and protecting our health care.

Watch out for Local 21's Quarterly Magazine, Twenty One


Our Union's quarterly publication is hot off the press and on its way to your mailbox! The Summer 2013 issue focuses on bargaining strategies and struggles across the union, why we need accountability and transparency in health care and what the San Francisco chapters are doing on this front, and more.

Save the Date! Free Stress Workshops


Learn how to reduce stress in your life by attending these free classes for Local 21 members.

Save the Date! Next Delegate Assembly June 22


RSVP today! Local 21’s next Delegate Assembly will be held on Saturday, June 22 at the Downtown Oakland Marriott.

Bay Area Celebrations Scheduled for May Day, Workers’ Rights Day


Join us for May Day, International Workers' Rights Day celebrations scheduled around the Bay Area. Find an event happening near you!

Sign Up for the 2013 Fight United Leadership Academy


The Alameda Labor Council is sponsoring the Fight United Leadership Academy (FULA), which will train members on skills and abilities on how to organize a contract fight and win.