2012 Election Rundown: We Won!


Last week we won the two races most critical to the labor movement: the re-election of labor friendly President Barack Obama, and the defeat of Proposition 32, which would have silenced the voice of unions in politics. More than 300 Local 21 members made thousands of phone calls and knocked on hundreds of doors to reach voters on state and local issues.

Local 21 Election Ballots Are In Your Mailbox!


Ballots will be mailed out Nov. 9, and must be received at the union office by c.o.b. on Nov. 29.

John Nichols Addresses Delegate Assembly


John Nichols, author, political analyst and one of the country’s best thinkers addressed the Delegate Assembly on September 29.

Announcement of Executive Committee Officer Candidates


The Elections Committee is pleased to announce the final candidates for the union-wide election.

Members Speak Out About the Importance of Volunteering


Check out this 3 minute video interview with Local 21 members about their experience volunteering to Get The Vote Out.

California Changes Retirement Rules


Governor Jerry Brown just signed a bill (AB 340) changing many state and local retirement programs. These changes, most of which apply only to new employees, constitute the greatest rollback of retirement benefits in California.

Join Us! Delegate Assembly, September 29


The next Delegate Assembly will be Saturday, September 29, at the Downtown Oakland Marriott. This Assembly will focus on the upcoming election season and address how we can increase our activist base for this November election. The Assembly will explore the political challenges ahead of us.

Local 21 Executive Officer Election


Election of IFPTE Local 21 Executive Offices will occur this Fall 2012. Eligible Local 21 members may be nominated by the Nominating Committee or petition to declare their candidacy as provided in Local 21’s Bylaws. Ballots will be mailed to all members in good standing on Monday, November 8th and must be returned by 5:00 pm on Monday, November 29th.

No on Prop 32: Stop the Special Exemptions Act


The single most dangerous measure on the state ballot this November is Proposition 32. Backers of the so-called “Stop Special Interest Money Now Act” claim it is a “simple, fair, and balanced solution” to the problem of big money in Sacramento.

The truth is, it does the opposite. While shutting public employees out of elections, the measure re-writes the rules in favor of big corporations and the super-wealthy, giving them special exemptions to spend unlimited amounts of money in elections.

Meet Us at the Ballpark for Union Night with the SF Giants


The San Francisco Labor Council is hosting Union Night with the Giants at AT&T Park on Monday, September 17. Local 21 has reserved 20 tickets at the discounted price of $20 per ticket for any members interested in attending. Tickets are available on a first come, first serve basis.