Join Us for Cesar Chavez Day Events


Join Local 21 for Cesar E. Chavez Day events including a breakfast on March 30 and a Parade & Festival on April 21.

New Research: Pension Gutting Proposals will Harm Low-Wage Workers and cost Taxpayers More


New national and academic research reveals that the hybrid pension plans that Gov. Jerry Brown and Republicans want to force on California’s public employees would strap taxpayers with higher costs and place an unfair burden on the state’s lowest paid public employees.

Delegates Review Bargaining Strategies, Challenges for 2012


On Saturday, January 28, 2012, more than 130 Local 21 Delegates attended our Union's Delegate Assembly at the Downtown Oakland Marriott.

Call for Volunteers to Serve on Election Committee and Nominating Committee


2012 Union Officer Election

Call for Volunteers to Serve on Election Committee and Nominating Committee


Elections for the eleven Local Union officers (also known as the Executive Committee) will be held in November of this year. In accordance with the Local 21 bylawsArticle XIII Nomination and Installation of Officers, there will be an Election Committee and Nominating Committee to assist with the election. See below for details on the responsibilities for each of the committees.

International Convention Notice


Official notice of the election of the Local 21 delegates to our International Union’s triennial convention is being mailed to all members next week.

At the January 19, 2012, meeting of the Local 21 Executive Committee, officers voted to send up to fifteen Local 21 delegates to the 57th Convention of the International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers scheduled for July 16-19, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch out for Local 21's Quarterly Magazine, Twenty One


Our Union's quarterly publication is hot off the press and on its way to your mailbox! The Winter 2012 issue of Twenty One focuses on members’ efforts to take a stand at the bargaining table in the midst of difficult bargaining environments across the Union.

Join Us! Delegate Assembly at Oakland Marriott, January 28


The next Delegate Assembly will be Saturday, January 28 at the Downtown Oakland Marriott. Registration and breakfast begin at 8:30 am, and the Assembly starts at 9 am.

Sandre Swanson Editorial: True pension reform can only occur at bargaining table


During this holiday season of giving, it is somewhat ironic that the public policy debate that has dominated the headlines has focused instead on eliminating retirement security for California's middle class. In recent weeks, there has been much discussion (including a joint legislative hearing) about the specific elements contained in Gov. Jerry Brown's pension reform proposals.

Questions and Answers About Local 21’s Support for the Occupy Wall Street Movement


Has Local 21 supported the Occupy Wall Street movement?

Yes, the Executive Committee unanimously adopted and published a statement expressing broad support for the Occupy Wall Street movement (see accompanying article on “Why We Support the Occupy Wall Street Movement”.

Has Local 21 supported any specific encampment, like Occupy Oakland?

No, there has been no endorsement or formal participation in any particular encampment.

Has Local 21 spent dues money to support the Occupy movement?

Why We Support the Occupy Wall Street Movement


Our Standard of Living is Under Attack

For the past four years, our members have fought to maintain our wages, benefits and working conditions in the face of repeated attacks by our employers. In many jurisdictions, we have been forced to make significant concessions in the form of unpaid furloughs, increases in pension contributions, greater costs for medical benefits, two-tier pension plans, and other reductions in our standard of living.