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Yolanda Skelton Is Taking Names


Yolanda Skelton is a proud member of the Local 21 City of Richmond chapter, and a leader who takes union strength seriously. As a Senior Accountant, she serves the Richmond public by working in areas like Housing and Community Development. As a Bargaining Team member, she is representing her fellow members at the negotiation table and fighting for the first raises the Richmond chapter has seen in four years.

April 16th Rally: Richmond City Workers Show Up in Force!


City of Richmond Bulletin, April 26, 2019

April Port Newsletter: Equity Adjustments, Trainings and L21 Delegate Assembly


April is here and so is our newest Port Newsletter and as usual, there is a lot of important information in this issue.  First, however, we have a some of the pension documentation that shows how CalPERS is raising the required contributions in the future for member review.  Click here and here for more information.

Here are the highlights in this newsletter:

March 2017 Port of Oakland Newsletter


Our March newsletter with a lot of great information:

February Port of Oakland Bulletin: CalPERS news, Oakland Funding Threat from Trump and More


Click here for our important February newsletter for the Port of Oakland. A few of the highlights:

January Port of Oakland Bulletin: MLK Message, Common Class Study Update


The Port of Oakland newsletter is out!

Attached is our first newsletter of 2017. This five-page newsletter has a lot of great information, from a detailed update on the Common Class Study methodology to information about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the important role his support meant for the Labor Movement.