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Learn Your Rights to Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)


If you have a serious or chronic medical condition or a close family member has a medical condition, you can get guaranteed time off to take care of yourself or your loved ones. To learn the ins and outs of FMLA, review this booklet and know that you can contact our Union if you have questions, see information from AP 413 or contact Human Resources at the Port of Oakland at 510-627-1519.

Port of Oakland June Newsletter


Read up on Professional Development Funds, new Local 21 Staff, Grievances, Workers' Comp and much more. 

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More Progress on TAs in San Leandro!


Section 4.1 Union Rights:

Solano County Bargaining Team Stands Firm Against Concessions


After more than six months of difficult negotiations, the Solano County Executive & Senior Management Chapter of IFPTE Local 21 secured its second contract since joining Local 21. The Board of Supervisors approved the agreement on Tuesday, November 3.

Member ratification took place during the final week of October. Over 97% of voting members cast a ballot in support of the agreement recommended by the L21 Bargaining Team.

San Leandro Bargaining Team and City on the Way to Final Agreement


The Local 21 Bargaining Team and the City of San Leandro have agreed to nineteen (19) Tentative Agreements so far since they first kicked off bargaining last July. 

The agreements include new and amended provisions on personnel files, new hires, life insurance, pay rates, standby pay and other issues such as voluntary participation in the City’s deferred compensation plan. There are also more issues that the team is working on including salary increases.

Making Progress at the City of San Leandro!


The Local 21 Bargaining Team in San Leandro has been making progress. The Bargaining Team  and the City have agreed to six (6) Tentative Agreements. The TA’s below are from the bargaining sessions on 9/29 and 10/29:

After 3 Years Tentative Agreement Reached with City of Hayward!


Here is a brief snap shot of the Tentative Agreement reached with the City of Hayward.


  • 2.7 Years (10/15 – 6/30/18)

The change from start and end dates in September/October to a June/July contract means we realigned bargaining with the beginning and end of the fiscal year. Also, it means that the value of the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increases are worth more than if they were spread out over a full three years


San Leandro Member Patrick Grajeda Pushes for Continued Investment in Public Infrastructure


City of San Leandro employees represented by Local 21 are well on their way to a new contract. A key part of the negotiations is Local 21 bargaining team member Patrick Grajeda, who has played an instrumental role in solidifying three Tentative Agreements so far.