SFUSD Chapter Submits Signed Mission Statement to School Board


The newly elected officers of the Local 21 San Francisco Unified School District chapter, along with members of the bargaining committee, wrote a new mission statement following the ratification of their new contract last month. The members gathered signatures and gave the signed statement to management at the last Labor Management Committee, as well as to the School Board.

New Contract Ratified!


By a super majority of votes, our new contract agreement has been ratified. The District informed us that they will fast track this to be heard at the next School Board Meeting on 2/10. The School Board will vote to approve it and then the District will process our retroactive pay and wage increases. Once we have dates that those will go into effect, we will let you know. Congratulations to the Bargaining Team and the members who showed unity and resolve throughout this entire process.

SFUSD Negotiations Move Slowly


Negotiations continue with the San Francisco Unified School District. Though the District does not plan on agreeing to our proposed changes to healthcare benefits, their proposal on salary increases is minimal and barely covers inflation.  The District's most recent counter offer on salaries in early November was a total of 11 percent spread over three years. Our bargaining team thanked the district for their movement forward on wage increases, but told them that we could not settle a contract for 11 percent over three years with no changes in healthcare benefits.

SFUSD chapter Signs New Contract, Jumps into School Board Election


the San Francisco Unified School District chapter signed its new collective bargaining agreement. Most of the terms and conditions were extended for another two years, with several improvements.

Local 21 Leader Gus Vallejo Runs for Retirement Board (SFERS)


Please watch this important one-minute video introducing Gus Vallejo. A candidate for the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System (SFERS) Board, Gus is a respected leader in his union.

The San Francisco Department of Elections is mailing green envelopes containing ballots to all employees this week.

After watching the video, please:

Local 21 Leader Gus Vallejo Runs for Retirement Board (SFERS)


Gus Vallejo has been an active leader in the San Francisco Information Technology chapter for years. When the seat for an active employee representative opened on the San Francisco Employees Retirement System Board (SFERS), Gus decided to run for the position because of this commitment to improving our retirement security through prudent investment choices and responsible oversight.

Local 21 Makes Endorsements for November 2011 Election


Election Day is just around the corner, and many voters will be receiving their vote-by-mail ballots soon. Local 21 is sending each member with a San Francisco or Oakland mailing address on file a palm card listing our Union's endorsements which you can take to the polls with you, or use to fill out your vote-by-mail ballot at home. See a complete list of Local 21 endorsements, or watch out for your palm card in the mail!