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South Bay Members Support Bridging the Generational Gap Among Workers



Most workplaces have four generations under their roofs – Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists. ES and PMA members at the Santa Clara Valley Water District are finishing up their first year by celebrating the qualities and skills of each age group.

South Bay News May: Next Gen Program at Water Distrct, Delegate Assembly Report Back, BBQ RSVPs


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Highlights include:


  • Delegate Assembly Report Back
  • San Jose’s Measure B Within Two Weeks of Demise
  • ES, PMA Members Begin MOU Bargaining Surveys
  • SCCEAA Members Get New Director
  • RSVP for 10th Annual South Bay BBQ – please remember to RSVP for the July 27 BBQ here --


Local 21 Members Bring BART to the South Bay


BART in South Bay Area is becoming a reality. Within weeks of opening the Warm Springs Station in Fremont, BART offered a tour to Valley Transportation Authority union staff and member leaders.  VTA is partnering with BART on South Bay public transit projects. The group of about 20 viewed the new BART station in Milpitas and construction sites.

South Bay News May: March for Science, BART Behind-the-Scenes Look


Check out this month's South Bay News.

Highlights include:

Local 21 Members Work to Ensure South Bay's Wastewater Gets Clean and Stays Clean


It’s one of those conveniences we use several times a day.  Flushing a toilet.  Rinsing food from dishes.  Washing our hands.  But few ever think about where that water goes.

When you’re cleaning 100 million gallons of sewage water every day, you need several people monitoring the complex system of flow.

South Bay News April: L21 Members Featured, Chapter Updates


Highlights of this month's South Bay News include:

  • Local 21 Members Work to Ensure Area’s Wastewater Gets Clean and Stays Clean
  • Federated Unions Work To Update San Jose Pension Ordinances
  • Cupertino to Revise Bylaws and Board
  • ES, PMA Name MOU Bargaining Teams
  • SCCEAA Weighs Deferred Comp Change
  • Help Local 21 Feature Our Members!

Local 21 Everyday Heroes Respond to San Jose Flood


Late February, as thousands of South Bay residents evacuated neighborhoods during heavy rain and flooding, Local 21 members prepared for the storm, kept the region updated, sheltered those affected, and repaired communities afterward.

Cupertino Scores Contract Campaign Victory


Local 21’s newest chapter, the Cupertino Employees' Association (CEA), is quickly proving itself to be a rising star. Before joining Local 21, CEA’s previous contract had the lowest cost-of-living increases (COLA) amongst all of its neighboring South Bay cities and the some of the worst health coverage for families in the area.

After six months of negotiations, the Local 21/ CEA bargaining team won wage increases and big reductions to healthcare premium costs.

TAEA Negotiates Three-Year MOU


TAEA Members recently voted nearly 80% yes on a new MOU; and the VTA Board of Directors already approved. The proposed three-year deal features 3.5%, 4%, 3% wage increases for the hardworking employees at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.